Galit Ariel is a TechnoFuturist, author & an award-winning creative, exploring the wild and imaginative side of bleeding-edge technologies through her practice. Galit had been featured as one of ‘Nine Women that are building the Metaverse’ by Unity (2022) and as one of 40 influential futurists by Forbes (2022). She is a think tank member and contributor to entities such as the Netherland’s ‘Designing Cities for All of Us’, The Canada Film Council & THE150 (that produced the Copenhagen Catalog – 150 principles for a new direction in tech).
Galit authored & published numerous academic and industry articles and white papers, as well as the book Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality, depicts the way Augmented Reality will shift core paradigms and interactions related to culture, body, space and agency.

Galit is the founder of the speculative design studio Future Memory Inc.& the non-profit Humans of STEAM, researching tech futures for lead tech platforms, organizations & policymakers.Her award-winning work applies location-based AR art, subversive animation, alternative interactions & art curation.

Through her creative work she applied critical thinking to explore techno-social concepts of culture, technology, and humans ‘being’ in the world.

Counter/Space offers embodied interaction that leverages on resistance through stillness versus acceleration, contemplation versus compliance.Through the installation, the artist invites participants to reflect on the affect and impact of exploitative capitalist culture – where we are compelled to occupy and accumulate spaces to validate our existence.

Nipped is an animated short, depicting the journey of becoming & liberation of a single disembodied nipple, trying to find its identity and living its best life outside the boundaries of human taboos.The animation had been screened & awarded ‘best animation’, ‘best impact project’ & ‘best director’ in multiple international film festivals.

Augmenting Alice’ contextualizes futurescapes of Augmented Reality technology’s applications, potential & frictions.The book contains an augmented layer, narrated & designed to explore the future of immersive content within physical spaces, culture and social systems.

Galit has been experimenting with 3D & AR creation, to explore ideas of identity, individualism and reality since 2015. She is currently researching novel ideas related to embodied presence through the Biodigital Being(s) research-creation project.

Galit is a sought-after speaker, curator and innovation facilitator for global conferences, organizations, tech festivals & think tanks, such as TED, SXSW, Slush, The European Union, Bell Labs, Microsoft, R/GA, The Humanities Congress, Women In Tech Global, High Snobiety & many more.

Current talks 

Talk titles

This talk focuses on how existing & novel technologies breed  socio-economic hegemonies, opportunities & challenges. Offering more sustainable models for tech creation and implementation towards economies of shared prosperity.

Talk titles2

This talk explores emerging & bleeding-edge technologies – from AI to XR, Biotech, Green & Deep Tech, diving into the impact of technology on our everyday lives.Unveiling the good, the bad & the weird of emerging trends & behaviours as a result.

Talk titles3

In this talk, Galit explores how feminism links to, and can positively change, existing tech practices and ideologies—introducing inclusive and equitable tech development frameworks that provide an equitable digital future for all.

Talk titles4

This talk unveils new ideas around digital beings to wicked selves, looking at the challenges & opportunities of extended body, identity swapping, digital realities & wicked selves through the use of immersive & AI technologies.

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